Sail course in English

We will arrange a sail course in English

The course will be conducted during to evenings and will have a theoretical and one practical part. Due to the current rules, we have limit the numbers of participants by half. The practical part will also be adjusted, so we can follow the current rules.

Time and date:

  • Theory: 12. august, time: 18:00 – 21:00
  • The practical part (17:00 – 21:00) will be adjusted to the current coronal rules from FHI/NFI. This will be addressed on the theoretical part of the course, 12. august.
  • Price: Kr 1490.-
  • Register here:
  • Place: Hjellestad Sailing Club, Hjellestadvegen 311, 5259 Hjellestad

Everybody that participate on any of our courses have to be a member of Hjellestad Sailing Club. The fee includes membership, if for those that are not a member from before (no extra cost).


Questions can be sent to:


Hjellestad Seilforening
Hjellestadveien 311
5259 Hjellestad

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VIPPS: 121104